Rowena: Student: Tourism Management Creative Business – Inholland Rotterdam
Jah: Student: The Hague University Bachelor European studies.

Who are we?

We are two students (Also Brother & Sister) who live in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands. We are basically always hungry, always on the go, almost always with friends, always blabla… Basically very busy while usually not doing much useful at the same time. During all this we usually eat, talk about food, prepare food, prepare food with others etc etc. Safe to say, food rules like 115% of our lives. (It probably doesn’t help that we Snapchat/Whatsapp our food adventures 24/7 and people ask us where we are and how we eat so much)
SO we decided to do something with this.

By combining this with our love for our city, The Hague and other cities all over the world as well as travelling… an idea was born. We decided to document what we eat, where we eat, why we eat it, how we eat it… well, you get it. It also surprised as how many people did not know about some of the awesome places our city has. Places to chill, eat, do homework, escape and relax or all of the above.
UNACCEPTABLE!! We decided to not only put these places on the map, but our city as well. (How does everyone only know about Amsterdam?? What’s up with that though?? Right???)

We would do this by getting out of our comforting comfort zone and TRULY discover The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and even Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris, London, Munich etc etc. (Because we can, duh). So this is for all of those who are too lazy to check what’s good and where.. we will do it for you. We will show you what’s good to see, eat and where, and we’ll do it honestly. We will find out what’s SO awesome about some places and which one you HAVE to check out, and which ones are pure dog crap and you should drop like last week’s news. Where the service and personnel is awesome and where they are worth to be slapped. This is from us, for you.

So, whatever…let’s get cheese fries!!